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Gold on the ceiling: PwC office

Gold on the ceiling: PwC office


While PwC developed new premises in many of its locations, it is the Sydney office that utilises Locker Group’s woven wire. Its clients will find the new customer experience centre split over four levels, starting from level 17.

PwC brought in Futurespace for the interior design, a company that brings a passion and approach to create a truly unique design. Futurespace is dedicated to many of the same principles that PwC hoped to integrate into the design.

PwC uses Planar 441 by Locker Group

The gold ceiling comes in for the unique look that was required. Locker Group’s Planar 441 woven wire is used as a ribbon that winds its way through the space, connecting everything together. The wire is visually striking, particularly where it dips and becomes a shield for the window in the foyer. This feature, coupled with the unique viewing portal, makes an immediate impression for clients, as soon as they step out of the lift.

In bringing Planar 441 to PwC, Futurespace teamed up with Civardi Furniture, a specialist joinery manufacturer dedicated to pushing the boundaries of materials and design. Civardi has its own extensive portfolio of innovative and visually pleasing solutions and this is what drew the team at Futurespace to collaborate.

Locker Group’s Planar 441 offered the right amount of reflectivity and transparency without sacrificing lighting, sound, or aesthetics. It was ideally suited as it creates a consistent texture between the shielding in the foyer and the ceiling panels.

Planar 441 is used in PwC's new workplace by Futurespace

Ultimately the Futurespace design team and the specialists from Civardi have created a wonderfully vibrant and engaging environment. Locker Group’s Planar 441 woven mesh panels help to create a strong impression from the very moment a client enters the building.

For more information about Locker Group products, or to find out what materials we have that will suit your next project, get in touch today.

Take a look at the Campberwell Apartments, which also use Planar 441.


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