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Watch our Working from Home video series, part 3

Watch our Working from Home video series, part 3


Part three of our Working from Home video series sees beautifully minimalist desks, ginger tabbies and world-first office reveals as architects, designers and creatives across Australia and the world continue to send love and share advice during the coronavirus outbreak.

Last week, we heard from principal Adam Kane, interior designer Carole Whiting, Futurespace managing director Angela Ferguson, Interstudio‘s Harriett Baffsky, Mars Wrigley Australia marketing director Ben Hill and Red Havas Australia CEO Sarah Trombetta.

In this week’s edition, we take a peek into the home offices of Gray Puksand Victorian partner Mark Freeman, Krost A&D manager Carly Krost, Gray Puksand Brisbane design director Maria Correia, Halliday + Baillie‘s Tanya Rive and Woods Bagot partner Hazel Porter.

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In Mark Freeman’s video, we hear how Gray Puksand implemented its “sense of one” policy across three studios with 130 staff members all working from home.

Fellow Gray Puksand design director Maria Correria shares our first video from Brisbane alongside her ginger tabby with great advice on managing a smaller design-focused team.

Woods Bagot’s Melbourne principal Hazel Porter shares tips on how to continue with a project that was underway before COVID-19, using a specific example from her firm.

While Carly Krost shows off some great office furniture, along with her multi-tasking skills when it comes to school projects and homework questions.

And Halliday + Baillie’s Tanya Rive shares insights on how her Kiwi counterparts are handling an even stricter lockdown, while giving us a sneak peek into the new Melbourne showroom.

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Stayed tuned for more videos next Friday!

If you’d like to be part of the Working from Home series (we’d love to have you), drop our editor Elisa Scarton a line at elisa.scarton@niche.com.au

We’re doing our small bit to help the A&D community during this time, to promote your projects and products, and provide accurate developments as they arrive. Keep up-to-date with our coverage on the ADR coronavirus resources page.


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