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Talk: I can do that! The rise of the makers


Image: Courtesy of Rebecca Chua. Styling and Photograph by Emma Duckworth and Abbie Melle.

Art Month Sydney Presents I can do that! The Rise of the Makers, a panel talk on Australia’s nascent craft industry on Tuesday, March 17.

Recently, artists have viewed craft as an increasingly viable way to make a living from their labour. Topics of discussion will include some of the different ways that artists and makers are making a living today, apart from the usual avenues of the art gallery and the shop.

These makers have used their fine arts backgrounds to either go into one person production, producing beautifully handmade goods, or to embrace new technologies for efficient production and distribution.

Speakers include:

Gillian Serisier

Gillian (emcee) is the co-editor of (inside) Interior Design Review.  A widely published design writer, Gillian has written across the fields of interior design, architecture and art. 

Luke Temby

Luke is the founder of Cupco, a design, animation, illustration and doll-making company.  His stable of clients includes Uniqlo, Coca Cola, MTV, Diesel, Hello Kitty, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Adidas.

Emma Rutherford

Emma is a London-based art historian specialising in portrait miniatures and silhouettes.  Emma previously served as advisor for the Antiques Roadshow, and works closely with many museums, galleries, and restorers.

Rebecca Chua

Rebecca is a fashion designer behind Neo Dia, a fashion label she founded in 2011 with fellow RMIT graduate Gavin Lowes.  Her designs have featured in Vogue Italia online, and Amsterdam Fashion week.

Tickets are free, bookings recommended and available here

When: 6.30-8.30pm, Tuesday, March 17

Where: Koskela, 1/85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery, NSW 2018


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