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A collection of spaces

A collection of spaces


Photography by Belinda Monck.


On a modest site with a worker’s cottage eagerly positioned on the street, the low-cost environmentally friendly additions at Princes Street are ‘a collection of spaces’, a tightly bunched and faceted extension boasting overlapping and layered forms. From the simple brick front rooms to the wartime austerity of the original lean-to, the modest turn-of-century residence has been simply restored.


The kitchen and bathroom have been demolished and reclaimed as a private service courtyard, and a leafy dining courtyard which provides welcome light and ventilation for the rooms adjacent the sun-filled link between old and new.


The addition takes advantage of the length of the block by placing the new living space deep in the back yard and using the wet areas to separate the public and private spaces. The spacious kitchen commands a central view into each outdoor space, allowing access to passive ventilation and casual observation of the client’s young family. A double height space has been created by cleverly twisting the upper floor to the north, with a flexible mezzanine library accessible via a quirky ladder.


The design is fresh, open, light and well detailed, an uncomplicated and functional inner-suburban dwelling for the twenty-first century.

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