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Here’s to wine preservation

Here’s to wine preservation


Sub-Zero’s new integrated refrigeration and wine preservation range is designed to make life simple. The luxury range of storage is sure to satisfy even the most avid wine collector.  Impressive features include, two independent storage and temperature zones, a quiet compressor that lets wines rest undisturbed without any harmful vibrations.


Known enemies of wine include, temperature, UV light, humidity and vibrations. By employing a vast array of technologies to protect wine from these elements, the units will ensure that your wine is not only chilled but preserved in the most ideal climate.

Designed in four widths, with no visible hinges or grilles they are designed to sit flush with adjacent cabinetry, and are available in stainless steel panels or custom cabinetry for a seamless appearance, ensuring a visual cohesion throughout the kitchen. Sub-Zero wine storage combines high-quality materials, advanced technology and design and a 70-year tradition of American craftsmanship.


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