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Social media for architects and designers


Social media presents a plethora of free avenues for architects and designers to engage with potential clients, and today’s practices must strive to be as savvy with online marketing, as they are spatially adept.

With the immediacy of tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, creative professionals no longer need rely on third party outlets to gain exposure. But how should practices communicate differently through the range of platforms available? What are the best ways to virtually represent your design identity, and maintain your online audience over time?

“I think the main reason that social media doesn’t deliver for design and architecture firms is a lack of clarity and purpose,” says James Fitzgerald, from SMK. Fitzgerald observes that without a structure in place, “activity becomes very ad hoc, time-consuming, and often, a waste of time for many firms”.

One practice with successfully focused online marketing is Melbourne-based architecture firm, WOWOWA. Their ongoing #buildquality campaign is a political call-to-action urging Melburnians to demand minimum apartment standards similar to those in Sydney. The hashtag gained so much momentum and exposure it is backed by the Australian Institute of Architects, and has led to opportunities for WOWOWA to speak in public forums.

WOWOWA’s entertaining ‘If You Were Mine’ video series is a clever content strategy. The playfully kitsch curbside reviews work to introduce local architecture styles to an untrained audience, and give an opportunity for the practice to suggest their own hypothetical renovation. By making the practice of architecture approachable through online channels, WOWOWA have created a brand that people and potential clients can relate to, as well as shareable content that educates and gives value back to their audience.

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