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AR149 out now!


This is the fourth issue we’ve published since we changed direction last year to focus on the business of architecture and there is a recurring theme in this issue – marketing, PR and the whole unsavoury business of selling oneself and one’s wares.

Bates Smart’s Cate Cowlishaw is our cover star and lead interview for AR149 and she has a unique perspective on the business of architecture, as she trained as an architect and then practised for a decade before turning to the business side of the discipline.

Now she’s all about the marketing. She lives and breathes brand and market position and, above all, emphasises that architectural practices have to do good work, but they also have to let the world know they are doing good work.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Sharyn Lowe, a refreshingly plain speaking and level headed PR specialist, explains not only why the industry should utilise PR, but how they should go about it.

PR and marketing are just one element of making sure your business thrives in a challenging economic climate, but to make sure you can walk before you run we are beginning a series of articles from Simon Nelson on how to construct and develop a business plan.

Our opinion pieces range from a Brain Trust delving into the topic of affordable housing to a Debate about the relative evils or benefits of high-rise waterfront development.

Also in this issue:

– Penny Craswell looks at small practices that also work in academia,
– Joanne Dakovich (Big World Homes, Dean Landy (ClarkeHopkinsClarke), Sally Matthews (Matthews and Scavelli Architects) and Sophie Dyring (Schored Projects) discuss what architects should be doing to help with the affordable housing situation,
– a look at 3D printing and how it affects architects,
– Jess Hardwick of Jessica Hardwick Architecture is profiled in Emerging Practice,
– Deborah Singerman explores the rise of co-working spaces, and
– Palace of Assembly by Le Corbusier features in Skeletons.

– Madeleine Swain, Editor

Lead image: Our AR149 cover star, Cate Cowlishaw. Photo by Elleni Toumpas.

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