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Zenith Connect: As our working lives slowly return to something like normality, the opportunity to connect once more with both colleagues and customers is being warmly welcomed around the globe.

But the world has changed over the last couple of years and technology has advanced to support our new and innovative ways of working, and the evolved workspaces we are now inhabiting.

Zenith, as a long-established curator of the modern workplace, has a range of products that utilise the best emerging technologies that can be integrated into furniture solutions, and is able to assist customers in creating their workspaces of the future.

Connect exemplifies this goal. Connect is the digitisation of the workplace, a Zenith concept that sees it take the role of digital transformation partner and holistic workplace specialist. The Zenith Connect team works side-by-side with customers to understand both their technology and their furniture needs, share insights and create a company-wide roadmap that coordinates budgets and timelines for an effective digital transformation across the business.

Zenith sees successful digitisation as the result of a four-pronged strategy, integrating the company’s core skills of learning, experimentation, engagement and creation.

And by utilising those first three skills, it now offers three solutions that will help create an agile and flexible workspace.


This desk reservation system enables organisations to make each desk and hub bookable. A streamlined check-in/check-out system leapfrogs the old hot desk concept to give employees agency over how and where they will work on any given day, dependent upon the task in hand. With a smartphone, they can pre-book their preferred destination work point while still on their commute and check in on arrival using the same smartphone or an access card.

Adding to the efficiency, an occupancy sensor called Floorsense will actually monitor their presence at the work point, with additional capabilities in the form of an integrated power-relay that can disable the work point’s power until the user has checked in.


One of the most common drawbacks of earlier hot desking arrangements was the question of what users would do with their personal belongings. Smartalock combines a best-in-class lock hardware with intelligent software to offer assigned lockers where employees can safely store their working tools and personal effects. Taking user experience to the next level, Smartalock ensures building access codes and employees’ smartphones work seamlessly together to access the lockers, negating the need for remembering PINs or fiddling with padlocks or keys.


Enhancing the offering of the Floorsense work point occupancy sensor, Rooms extends occupancy monitoring and on-demand bookings to the meeting room and beyond. It even enables users to book the physical space that supports virtual meetings created in other systems. Plus, it provides a detailed and rich analytics system that reports on room occupancy compared to room size, drilling down on busy periods to identify peak usage and enable organisations to gather accurate data that will assist with the sufficient provision of amenities such as heating and cooling.



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