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Stormtech’s linear drains for hospitality projects

Stormtech’s linear drains for hospitality projects


In today’s hospitality projects, drainage is often the forgotten workhorse of the building and design function. Yet drainage maintains a simple albeit vital purpose: to ensure water, once no longer needed, is efficiently and effectively removed.

Not only is the selection and implementation of quality drainage solutions key to the successful functioning and durability of the built area, but linear designs are a striking visual statement: a chic and ultra-modern look that enhances the visual appeal of any drainage area.


This is of utmost importance in contemporary hospitality projects as in today’s hotels, restaurants and bars architectural aesthetics are a key consideration. Linear drain design was invented by Stormtech to allow for a wider range of floor surfaces and flooring configurations than is possible with traditional centre wastes.


With contemporary and streamlined integration, Stormtech products are particularly suited to commercial and residential environments.

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