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Shaw Contract celebrates communication with Dialogue collection

Shaw Contract celebrates communication with Dialogue collection


The new collection by Shaw Contract includes both carpet and resilient flooring options that symbolises and promotes the strength of dialogue.

“Whether it’s a quick hello in the hallway, a weekly team check-in, or rousing live-stream speech, dialogue has power,” says Shaw Contract.

“It is a potent exchange, best experienced face-to-face, that satisfies our human need to connect. To listen and be heard. To confirm and question. To build trust. Dialogue brings people together and highlights what makes us special.”

The Dialogue family honours the unique ability of communication to foster the understanding and connection that forms the bedrock of culture.

Each versatile piece by Shaw inspires “unscripted design for a range of focused, open and communal spaces” drawn from language in its many forms.

“From spoken word to vintage type, Morse code to handwriting, each starting point has been abstracted into new patterns and textures that speak to one another and the people who inhabit the space,” explains the carpet designer and manufacturer.

“Texture-rich carpets and hard surfaces mix and mingle in beautiful interactions and ground the space while calming conversation.”

Spoken carpet tile and Coded LVT

Dialogue is available in three different combinations from plush to textured loop to LVT – each designed to complement, connect and engage with one another.

Within each of these combinations, designers and architectures can select from a range of styles to personalise any space.

The Translate carpet tile

The 18 x 36 plush carpet tile, for example, comes in three different styles: Face to Face, which features a plush and highly textural large scale pattern designed with Tailor Tuft technology; Spoken- a textural and unique medium scale pattern inspired by abstracted language; and Written- a highly textural medium scale pattern inspired by hand-written script that drifts across each tile creating areas of relief and concentrated pattern.

The 9 × 36 textured loop carpet tile features two different high lustre textured loop styles for a luxurious finish, while the two LVT styles are inspired by braille and deconstructed typography respectively, creating beautifully textured patterns.

Face-to-Face carpet tile and Type LVT

Shaw has long been grounded by the “cycle of sustainability found in nature” and has elevated this commitment with Dialogue.

The collection showcases Shaw’s work to improve the industry standard circular design with a rigorous framework for environmental and social responsibility to positively impact people and our planet.

Dialogue carpet tiles are Cradle to Cradle Certified silver and manufactured in facilities that are 100 per cent carbon neutral. All EcoWorx carpet tile products sold in Australia and New Zealand are now 100 per cent carbon neutral.

To learn more about Dialogue or order a sample, visit the Shaw Contract website.

Photography supplied.

In May 2021, Shaw Contract was involved in its Global Day for People + Planet initiative and paused for the day so its staff could volunteer their services to local communities.


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