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Roca Group launches corporate venturing fund to invest in startups


Roca Group launches corporate venturing fund to invest in startups


Roca Group Ventures will finance early-stage projects that provide innovative solutions for the bathroom sector industry.

Endowed with 25 million euros ($39,787,500 AUD), the venturing fund will allocate between 0.5 and 2 million euros per project, without renouncing to other collaboration formulas that don’t involve stock or investing in additional rounds to finance those initiatives that demonstrate the greatest potential.

Roca Group estimates that within five years the investment portfolio will be comprised of between 10 and 15 companies.

The company will appoint an executive figure from the organisation to act as Ventures Head, coordinating the collaboration with different specialists and managers of the company, accelerators, incubators and other partners to facilitate the identification and development of projects.

Roca Group will work with financial services and asset management firm Alantra to launch the venture.

Alantra will utilise its expertise in investments to advise the deal flow process of the fund.

Roca Group Ventures also aims to further materialise the company’s commitment to sustainability as the fund will prioritise start-ups that focus on environmentally-friendly practices.

Roca Group Venture will invest 25 million euros in start-ups.

With its dedication to design, production and marketing of products for the bathroom space, Roca Group has defined four areas of interest in the search of business opportunities.

These are wellness and smart bathrooms, new businesses and materials, energy efficiency and rationalisation of water consumption, and operational excellence in its industrial processes.

Firstly, in regard to wellness and smart bathrooms, the company will seek technological resources that employ Artificial Intelligence and connectively to improve the usability of devices and contribute to the development of eco-friendly products. The products also aim to generate spaces for relaxation.

In terms of new businesses and new materials, Roca Group Ventures will focus on disruptive solutions based on technology with a wide margin for growth, as well as on new materials for both construction and the manufacturing of new products.

Regarding energy efficiency and rationalisation of water consumption, Roca Group is excited to identify and develop products and services that contribute to the generation of connected and sustainable homes, with a special focus on the reduction of water usage.

Lastly, with the aim to increase operational excellence, technologies such as AI, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, blockchain, or embeddable platforms, will also be of interest to the fund.

Roca Group CEO Albert Magrans says the fund will be a global fund seeking to invest in start-ups all over the world.

“The Roca Group Venture seeks to generate a hybrid entrepreneurial model that combines the advantages of a large company (resources, scale, knowledge, experience, marketing) with the innovation, technology, motivation, agility and talent of a startup.”

Image supplied by Roca Group.

Roca Group is a world leader in design, production and marketing of bathroom products for architecture, construction and interior design. Founded in 1917, the family-owned group combines tradition and knowledge with a passion for innovation and respect for the environment, with the aim of giving response to people’s needs and contribute to the improvement of society’s wellbeing.


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