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Poliform presents Skip bookcase by Studio Kairos

Poliform presents Skip bookcase by Studio Kairos


Skip is a bookcase system designed by Studio Kairos for Poliform, a project that offers a variety of modular solutions for an individually composed living area.

skip space 4

Based on the concept of equipped wall panelling, the system can be completed with shelves, units and sliding doors.

skip space 2

The aesthetic characteristic of the system is the minimal thickness of the shelves, along with the rail that allows the integration of sliding doors.

skip space 3

The range of the modular elements includes floor benches, freestanding or hanging units with flap doors or chest of drawers, and hanging shelf writing desks.

skip space 1

The vertical dividing elements can be freely positioned, allowing modification of the compositions and creating open units that are able to assume various functions.


Doors finishings: Mat laminate tuttocolore, embossed lacquered, glossy lacquered.
Wood: walnut c., eco canaletto, oak, siena oak, brown oak, spessart oak, grey dyed oak, moro oak and elm.
Scotch brite steel
Frosted and glossy glass.

Available from Poliform www.poliform.com.au


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