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Marrying artistry and precision in door hardware

Marrying artistry and precision in door hardware


Halliday Baillie’s range of architectural hardware is supplied to discerning customers around the world who demand distinctive quality and design.

Most people never question the daily devices we use in terms of how they got there or what was the starting point. At Halliday & Baillie, door hardware, sliding door hardware and pocket door hardware product is not merely a branded appendage – it is a piece of architectural design and engineering, which is inspired to complement an aesthetic vision.

Halliday Baillie’s pride is in the marriage of artistry and precision. The polite performers of the architectural door hardware world, their products are designed with exquisite functionality in mind. Sliding door hardware and pocket door hardware handles may be turned a thousand times a day, so materials and finish are amongst their highest priorities. Longevity has become the undisputed hallmark of their success.

For Halliday Baillie, the very essence of an outstanding architectural door hardware design is sensory appeal; how does the product react with the eye, the hand, the ear? These details help navigate the design process and define the attributes of Halliday Baillie’s range.

Halliday Baillie’s architectural hardware products not only look good – they feel good. They continually strive for an aesthetic which will stand the test of time.



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