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The ideal acoustic ceiling: what architects and their clients want

The ideal acoustic ceiling: what architects and their clients want


Before launching Ensemble, an innovative monolithic acoustical plasterboard ceiling system, KNAUF conducted background research into the needs of Australian architects and interior designers and their clients.

What KNAUF found was that today’s clients are asking for a smooth finish with either no joints or few joints. Acoustic ceiling systems should have a flat monolithic finish and good acoustical absorption, especially for use in large internal spaces and heritage buildings.

As part of its research, KNAUF looked at alternatives in the Australian marketplace. It found that monolithic acoustical products were typically costly to install – involving many steps. In comparison, the simple, fast installation of the Ensemble system should enable cost-savings.

USG Boral Chancery House

Because many architects and designers use the services of acoustic engineers for public and commercial projects, KNAUF sought their input as well. The acoustic engineers that KNAUF spoke with said that, in their experience, it is about aesthetics – and flat surface finishes, rather than grid-and-tile finishes, are more desirable.

All of the architects and acoustic engineers said acoustics are ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important to them and their clients – especially in commercial, educational or public spaces.

USG Boral Chancery House

Ideal uses for a monolithic acoustical ceiling system like Ensemble include projects where acoustics are of the utmost importance – from open spaces in residential projects to gymnasiums, function halls, galleries and clubs – to large atrium spaces containing hard wall and floor surfaces in retail, hotel and office developments.

KNAUF’s Ensemble Acoustical Plasterboard Ceiling meets the needs of a modern-day requirement for a low cost acoustical monolithic ceiling.

For more information including videos, case studies, installation guides and product specifications, visit www.knaufapac.com/en_au/

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