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HÅG Capisco

HÅG Capisco


Few furniture designs withstand the test of time as well as the HÅG Capisco. With elegant curves and smooth performance, the distinct shape stands out from other chairs, adding personality to any environment. HÅG Capisco’s timelessness has elevated it from being a favourite in Scandinavian design to a world-renowned design object.

HÅG Capisco is a fully versatile and customisable chair. The flexibility in dressing it means it never looks out of place, whether in the office, meeting room or somewhere totally unexpected.


The designer, Peter Opsvik, is a legendary industrial designer. Some of his famous creations include the Tripp Trapp®, HÅG Capisco and HÅG Capisco Puls. In the 1970s many experts attempted to establish the optimum sitting position. Opsvik’s contribution has been to create products that inspire variation between many different postures, but all in the same chair. When Peter Opsvik designed the HÅG Capisco, he was attempting to overcome stereotypical sitting habits with unconventional seating solutions. Designed in 1984, the popularity of the HÅG Capisco has grown steadily. The chair is now one of Europe’s most popular chairs.

Sit at various heights

No other task chair is so well adapted to sitting at different heights.


The flexible height ranges of the HÅG Capisco makes it easy to shift between sitting, standing and perching. Frequently varying your position this way provides a unique alternative to the way that you sit. By moving more you will feel energised and therefore more focused on the task at hand. This is also the perfect way to reduce fatigue that is often associated with standing desks.

HÅG Capisco, gives you the freedom to move like no other.



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