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Get your brand the attention it deserves with HVG Facades

Get your brand the attention it deserves with HVG Facades


Chances are, even if you’re not familiar with the name HVG Facades, you’ll have noticed, walked through or taken shelter under their work.

With a history dating back more than 50 years, HVG Facades has supplied the Australian construction industry with an extensive range of products for new builds, or remedial and recladding applications.

And as one of Australia’s leading distributors of premium non-combustible cladding, HVG Facades’ Corporate Partnership department is responsible for bringing some of Australia’s biggest brands to life.

HVG Facades’ products are used by a wide range of clients, highlighting its diverse applications.

HVG Facades’ range of high-quality cladding products has been utilised in the production of some of the most vibrant and eye-catching corporate signage, as well as stylish and unique retail fit-outs across Australia.

Boasting an impressive client list that spans beyond retail, banking, petroleum, facilities maintenance, pharmaceutical and automotive industries, HVG Facades works with the likes of Ford, Priceline, Lululemon, Carl’s Jr, and Interface Construction, to name just a few of their innovative project partners.

Further to this, each and every one of HVG Facades products is known for its long-term colour consistency, weather resistance, superior flatness, rigidity and formability.

And, in these heightened times of health and safety, their finishes also provide the all-important benefit of being easy to clean.

HVG Facade’s products can be seen in many retail spaces as seen here at an OPSM store.

Manufactured to the highest international standards, MondoClad is HVG Facade’s hero product.

The premium solid aluminium panel solution is available in a wide range of sizes and finishes, which can be applied to the most complex designs.

It also offers designers the option of custom colours, crucial for an accurate logo or corporate branding reproduction.

Suitable for both interior and exterior usage, MondoClad has a superior finish that guarantees UV stability and colour retention.

And with more retailers increasing their green credentials, it has the added bonus of being 100 percent recyclable.

Kmart uses MondoClad in all their entry portals and signage.

Designed to withstand the harsh effects of the Australian environment, MondoClad is the material of choice of one of Australia’s most-loved retailers, Kmart, who has employed MondoClad in all their entry portals and signage, across every one of their stores.

Along with MondoClad, Kmart has also seen the corporate value of another HVG Facades product, ZINTL Battens, which they have installed throughout their flagship stores.

Available in a wide range of wood grain and powder-coated finishes, the clean lines and contemporary feel of ZINTL Battens make them an ideal design feature for enhancing walls and ceilings.

Elevating the look of any retail environment, their simple ‘snap in’ locking system allows for quick and easy installation just in time for that new store opening or sale!

HVG Facades elevate the look of any corporate environment.

HVG Facades’ ALUCOBOND product range, manufactured in Germany by 3A Composites, is the most widely recognised aluminium composite material in the world.

Weather resistance, highly durable and available in more than 50 colours, ALUCOBOND is also extremely flexible and can be bent, curved and shaped to meet all your design needs.

It’s this agility that led United Petroleum to install their outlets with canopies, entry portals and signage all crafted from ALUCOBOND.

HVG Facades prides itself on its team of dedicated Corporate Partnership Managers, who not only have expertise in branding large-scale corporations but also provide valuable advice and technical support to assist designers to bring their ideas to fruition, from concept to creation.

With customer service and warehousing in every state, HVG Facades products are locally stocked with the capacity to ensure its availability when and where needed.

For more information on how HVG Facades’ Corporate Partnership Department can bring your brand to life, visit the HVG Facades website.

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