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Embracing the past with a modern textile collection

Embracing the past with a modern textile collection


Instyle’s latest textile release showcases three traditional Jacquard weaving techniques, giving a nod to the past that is reinterpreted for the modern day. A lush velvet, stripe and strong geometry give this collection a unique versatility to create schemes ranging from subdued ambience to full colour saturation.

Atelier is a beautiful, soft and luxurious velvet available in 41 colours. With its three-dimensional fluidity, velvet has been the richest of all textiles since historic times.

Guild captures the magnificent essence of intricate Jacquard weaving with a double beam uncut loop pile construction. Its sculptural quality provides body and stability as well as creating a highly durable textile with a striking striped aesthetic.

Vanguard is the most graphic of the trio. Celebrating the strength and simplicity achievable with the interlacing of yarns in a two colour flat woven Jacquard construction. The humble drawn line is one of the basic elements of design, celebrated here in a dynamic geometric way, Vanguard plays with the relationship of presence and absence in the form of positive and negative space. The simplicity of a line as a stark outline or profile of an edge reflects the rationale behind this design.



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