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(Be) Unique with Feri & Masi’s latest tile collection

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(Be) Unique with Feri & Masi’s latest tile collection


Artedomus’s latest product from Portuguese porcelain tile specialists Feri & Masi is Unique – a collection of unglazed double and triple-loaded porcelain stoneware.

Inspired by the masters of Japanese minimalist architecture, this collection of three different finishes – Unique, Unique (Be) and Unique (Be Smart) – achieves a real concrete aesthetic through Feri & Masi’s innovative production process.

Designed for either residential or commercial applications, the range offers architects, designers and clients alike a contemporary concrete aesthetic and feel along with the outstanding durability, low porosity, low maintenance requirements and ease of installation of an extremely high-quality porcelain tile.

The range offers a natural and smooth surface with an incomparable raw touch provided by the thin powder used on the double-loading process. Each plate is individually designed using a random system that also ensures each tile’s unique quality.

The product is a completely unglazed porcelain tile suitable for all possible applications, including walls and floors, and is highly suitable for those areas exposed to high traffic exposure.

Unique (Be) features a three-dimensional effect that brings concrete imperfections to life. Bubbles, sheens and salt migration spots are the result of the Grain Repulsion Technology (GRT) used on the third loading. It is a distinctive product made from unglazed triple-loaded porcelain that has been specially designed to be applied on interior and exterior walls.

Unique (Be Smart) is a product made of unglazed, triple-loaded porcelain which is designed particularly for interior and exterior wall coverings. It has an incomparable surface full of concrete imperfections, bubbles, sheens and salt migration spots, made with the use of GRT. Each tile is produced with four milled holes for hardware (stainless steel or iron) that can be supplied and used for fixing or purely decorative purposes.

Unique by Feri & Masi is exclusive to Artedomus Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth.

For more information, visit www.artedomus.com


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