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Skagerak at Interstudio


Interstudio introduces Skagerak to its portfolio of Scandinavian brands. One of the most appealing things about this new collection is the company’s commitment to produce the least amount of impact on the environment.


At Skagerak, quality and sustainability are two sides of the same coin. It integral that the brand’s designs are both beautiful and of a high quality, as well as having come into being with sustainability taken into account. Under the motto ‘design for generations’, the concepts of quality and sustainability thus form the framework for its CSR work (Corporate Social Responsibility), with a point of departure in three key areas: design, production and use. It is within these areas that Skagerak have the greatest influence on the challenges facing society.


The design department looks into the efficient and responsible use of resources for all of the designs. This basically means that Skagerak considers much more than just the design being good to look at. When, for example, its R&D department assess a potential new design, it is not exclusively a question of angles, heights and expressions. It is also a matter of whether the design can be more expediently produced with small adjustments here and there. As the company see’s it, to be painstaking also means taking on responsibility. That Skagerak is painstaking means that it is taking the steps necessary to do things right, which means assuming a real responsibility rather than only writing fine words.


The next step is production, which looks at the efficient and responsible production of all designs. In brief, this means that Skagerak is committed to its designs being realised in a way that can be vouched for. The quality and purchasing department, for example, has an on-going dialogue with suppliers and NGOs to ensure that the Code of Conduct (CoC) is met.

From the usability department, the team looks at what design create the lowest environmental impact. Quite simply, it means that all designs are realised by considering that the environment should not be negatively affected by Skagerak designs. And this commitment continues right up to the day of replacement.



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