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Siru: a collection of blown glass pendants

Siru: a collection of blown glass pendants


LightCo has recently been appointed to represent Siru lighting in Australia.

Siru is a specialist boutique brand of blown glass pendants and ceiling lights made in Italy.


The techniques used in the design and manufacturing process have been handed down from generation to generation to ensure the authenticity of these beautiful and unique pieces remains true to its Murano Island artisan heritage.


Wireframes are technically crafted using steel alloy materials and once completed, the molten glass is guided into the core of the frame and hand blown until the hot glass reaches and protrudes past the openings of the frames.

This technique ensures that while the frames will be exactly the same, no two fittings will ever be identical due to the nature of the craft and technique.


Siru will be featured in the newly updated LightCo showroom from 18 May with four different styles on display. Additional pieces will be added to the display in the months to follow.

Discover more at lightco.com.au/siru.


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