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Sensory delights with Caesarstone and Tom Dixon

Sensory delights with Caesarstone and Tom Dixon


Quartz manufacturer Caesarstone has collaborated with celebrated British designer Tom Dixon on a multi-sensory creation, on display at Milan 2016. ‘The Restaurant’ by Caesarstone and Tom Dixon consists of four conceptual kitchens inspired by the elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Set within the ideal backdrop of a 17th century Cloister encircling a public garden and a deconsecrated church, each of the four sections of the cruciform-shaped complex will introduce a different range of Caesarstone’s designs. Demonstrating the versatility and beauty of the Caesarstone surfaces, combined with Tom Dixon- designed dining halls and products, each kitchen will feature a variety of colours and materials that complement the mood and atmosphere of each specific element.


The EARTH kitchen, inspired by the ancient Roman aqueducts, incorporates earthy brown tones of selected Caesarstone designs including light mushroom coloured Tuscan Dawn and Concetto Albero, made from assembled segments of petrified wood. The food will be prepared by adopting an ancient European vegetable cooking method that utilizes hay to enhance the natural flavours of the products.

The FIRE kitchen is inspired by charred wood and smoke, using blackened beams and hints of gold in combination with Caesarstone’s dramatic blacks and dark greys: Vanilla Noir, Raven and Coastal Grey. The food – smoked, seared and burned – will complete the conceptual experience.

The WATER kitchen reflects the jagged edges of frozen ice and has been interpreted using a spectrum of Caesarstone grey and white tonalities. Varying from steaming to freezing, the kitchen will experiment with the material by subjecting it to extreme temperatures.

Inspired by urban architecture, the AIR kitchen is created with thin, vertically-placed Caesarstone slabs and cut-outs that serve as cooking counters. Caesarstone’s Raw Concrete and Noble Grey create an urban, light background for the completion of the culinary experience – the dessert bar.

Commissioned by Caesarstone, Italian food design studio Arabeschi di Latte, headed by Francesca Sarti, will curate the overall food concept.

Find more information on Caesarstone here.

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