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Nendo’s new ‘print chair’ collection


Nendo is planning to launch its latest collection of ‘print chairs’ at a solo exhibition in Brera during the Milano Salone 2014. The solo exhibition entitled ‘Works by Nendo’ will also feature some of the company’s other new design projects.

print_chair01_hiroshi_iwasakiprint_chair03_hiroshi_iwasakiThe print chair collection features various wooden chairs with two different patterns mixing on the surface. Printing woodgrain designs onto wood, which already has distinctive grains, creates these new patterns.

print_chair04_hiroshi_iwasakiprint_chair06_hiroshi_iwasakiWhile some seats are layered with two different woodgrain patterns, others reflect enlarged, abstracted woodgrain patterns onto the existing design. Using advanced printing technology, the designers were able to make multiple fine adjustments to scale, density and colours for each chair.




Images: Hiroshi Iwasaki



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