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Move freely with the 3.60 chair by Forma

Move freely with the 3.60 chair by Forma


Collaborating with ITO Design, Forma 5 have developed the 3.60 task chair, a stylish addition to the work or study environment providing freedom of movement to its user. This is achieved through a combination of longitudinal and lateral movements, enabling an entire 360 range of motion.

Forma 5’s strong commitment to innovation, as well as strategic international partnerships, has seen the company continue to grow over the last 30 years. Working alongside some of Europe’s most prestigious designers, Forma 5 have released several cutting edge chairs – including the 3.60, Eben, Touch, Allure, e+, Kool, Tom, Corner, In, Plural and Nanta Chairs – all exclusive to Workspace.

The long-term partnership between Workspace and Forma 5 ensures clients can access European design coupled with the quality, flexibility and choice of Australian manufacturing.


A chair that enables a healthier lifestyle

Forma 5 have developed a mechanism inspired by a spherical knee joint that accompanies the natural movement of the body and allows the swing of the chair. The user is required to maintain stability by increasing the engagement of muscles and knees.


Biomechanic analysis

UMANA, a healthcare centre specialising in biomechanics in product design, demonstrated that the 3.60 task chair helps to improve health and the core physical condition, by increasing muscle activity in the stomach and back, stabilising the lumbar vertebrae. Its movement provides a maximum contact surface, minimises the epithelial pressures and it improves contact comfort. It helps to correct the lumbar curve, reducing the curvature of the lumbar area of the user when seated. It helps heat dissipation, preventing perspiration and improving the user’s thermal comfort.

Advantages of the dynamic seating:

• Helps maintain muscle condition, spinal column and spinal disc health.
• Improves the posture of the body and reduces back pain by strengthening the muscles. • Improves circulation and helps the function of internal organs.
• Improves concentration and eases physical tension and stress.
• Helps to obtain a maximum oxygenation of the muscles, preventing stress and strains.


Dynamic balancing movement

It is a system that permits a 360 degree movement, due to the chair combining longitudinal and lateral movement. Synchro Motion Mechanism: The seat and backrest are inclined synchronously (backrest 25 ̊ / seat 10 ̊) to provide a floating support. The backrest resistance is easily adjustable between 45 and 120 Kg (with two turns of the handle).

3D Mesh

Soft to touch and breathable, the task chair is upholstered with a 3D mesh. Due to its elastic qualities and the dynamic swing of the chair, pressure on the body is reduced. This feature is essential to preserve the health and comfort of the user over time, as excessive pressure on the skin may cause loss of blood supply, and potential discomfort.


Lumbar Support

Lumbar support with height and asymmetrical pressure regulation expands the range for a healthy posture. These regulations improve the lumbar curve and skin contact pressures decrease allowing for greater comfort.

4D Arms

The 4D armrest relieves the shoulder region and removes tension. As well as this, it gives support to intervertebral discs when resting on them, lifting or sitting down. The arms with 4D functions are adjustable in height, width, depth and angle. They are integrated in the aluminium support of the backrest. In this way it ensures that the user can adjust the arm in a personalised way without restraint.


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