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Metallic trends: Elmotreasure

Metallic trends: Elmotreasure


One of the latest trends in the industry has been the incorporation of metallics in interiors. This high-end, industrial look has been popular of late, with the reintroduction of coppers, brass, and chrome into many lighting, furniture and home décor pieces.

The latest innovation to incorporate metal is Elmotreasure, a hybrid of metal and leather. This innovation is brought to Australia via leading textiles supplier Instyle. Elmotreasure is a unique metallic leather that offers a surprising and unique twist on tradition, available in five luxurious shades; copper, bronze, gold, pearl and silver.

Made from Scandinavian cattle, it is a soft, highly durable leather that can be used as a subtle addition to a furniture piece, or most notably as a bold statement on a public scale. Hamer Hall in Victoria have recently used Elmotreasure on clad wall panels. Metallics have been predicted to be a leading trend in both fashion and design design in 2015, making Elmotreasure an interesting addition to many interiors this year.

for more information, please visit www.instyle.com.au


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