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LED lighting by Marc Pascal


Above image: Feather Baroque light

Melbourne-based lighting designer Marc Pascal has developed a modular concept that will provide the basis for a new range of feature lighting products.

Taking inspiration from the connections in tree roots, Pascal uses an internal metal ‘root’ system to distribute the 12V power to any point in a 700mm radius of the central hub.

Pascal’s pendant lights are delicate compositions in playful multicolour, arranged to suspend in perfect balance. Being made of lightweight materials, the lights bring a sense of movement and life to an interior.

Marc Pascal orchid light

The Orchid light

When switched on, any colours, patterns or shapes surrounding the light are projected softly into the room, imbuing the area with its own personality.

Small lights are designed for small rooms and hallways, while Pascal’s larger versions are suited to entrance halls or above dining/boardroom tables. 

No two lights are exactly the same, and it is possible to specify colours in consultation. Marc Pascal’s lights are designed and hand made to order in Melbourne.


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