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Humble no longer: Javi letterbox

Humble no longer: Javi letterbox


The humble letterbox both functional and welcoming to the home is not at all devoid of design potential. Just like a front door, it too can make a statement and be as individual and unique as its residents.

Lee Rodezno of Javi Design was driven to rethink the importance of the letterbox’s place in the design aesthetic of a home, questioning why, “people would put so much effort into the design of their homes; the architecture, the interior styling and landscaping, but then plonk a dull, uninspiring old-fashioned letterbox out the front? The Javi letterbox range was designed to be accessible to everyone, homeowners looking to refresh their front yard, renovators, or residential and commercial property developers.”

Javi Design is a Melbourne based group of young Australian Designers passionate about developing an iconic range of letterbox designs for the style conscious generation of Australians. Producing sustainable products made only from Australian materials such as Accoya wood and coated Australian Steel, sold both locally and internationally.

The beauty of the letterboxes is that they are entirely modular, meaning that they can stand-alone or be integrated into walls, fences or apartment buildings. The unfinished Accoya timber front panel is completely customisable dependent on the individual’s needs; be it painting or staining to the front panel or a specific engraving done in house at Javi.

Like all great design the magic is in the hidden away details and careful engineering, Lee Rodezno states, “the stainless steel visor or the box within a box protective structure, the hidden fasteners, handy magnetic door latch or the discrete lock access.” Customers will surely appreciate both the design aesthetic and the security that this ranges offers.

For more information visit Javi Design.


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