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Gras lamp collection from Spence & Lyda

Gras lamp collection from Spence & Lyda


Designed in 1911 by Bernard Albin Gras, Gras lamps became the 20th century’s first articulated lamp and the starting point for modern lighting.

Le Corbusier championed the lamp, using them in his own offices as well as employing them in numerous architectural projects all over the world. Others quickly followed suit, leaving a lamp, for the first time in history, as equally popular in commercial applications as it was in residential.

Reliable and well designed, the N°205 Table Lamp has a triangular cast base, with a painted steel exterior and subtle grey cord. The lamp’s ergonomic design will easily suit the needs of an assortment of users, and with its clean and simple appearance, will complement any space.

Since it gained its pioneer status, DCW Editions has expanded the Gras collection, which now includes a selection in white, as well as a whole new collection in extra large sizes – suiting indoor and outdoor settings equally.

N°205 Table Lamp RRP $780

N°217 In/Out Wall Lamp RRP $2,070


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