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Energy grows on trees with Sologic


Images courtesy of Sologic

Developers of renewable energy systems, Sologic, have recently made their Solar Tree design, or eTree, available in Australia.

While a picture is worth a thousand words, the eTree is defined best as an ecological sculpture, with a canopy comprising transparent solar panels, all producing energy sourced from the sun.

The eTree has both practical functions as well as a sociological one. ‘eTree is an environmental enterprise,’ says Sologic,’ an ecological sculpture that aims to promote awareness to sustainability within the community.’

Sologic's eTree

As well as providing water, information about its energy production (via LSD screens) and a charging dock for tablets and smartphones, the eTree supports ecological engagement in the community by providing a place of respite and shade while physically supporting a cognitive connection between the sometimes disconnected ideas of energy, the environment and art.

Successfully launching their first eTree in Israel’s Sustainability Gardens in October 2014, Sologic garnered international attention from the media, spurring them to increase the eTree’s ubiquity throughout parks, with the plan for people to communicate across the globe with others via the trees’ built in WiFi and LCD screens.

Sologic expects to see over 20 eTrees ‘planted’ around Australia in the next 12 months.

The eTree lit up at night


For more information, please visit DifferenThinking.com.au


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