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Emeco’s environmental chair


Iconic US furniture manufacturer Emeco has maintained a sustainable approach to design since their first commission from the US government in 1944, to design all-weather aluminium chair suitable for use at sea.

The company’s goal was to make recycling “obsolete”, by designing products with an effectively unlimited lifespan. The resulting chair was nicknamed the Navy chair, and were so durable that Emeco experienced a consequent lull in sales – as the robust furniture never required replacing.

The rebooted 111 Navy chair is so named for the fact that each one contains 111 recycled PET plastic bottles, the product of a sustainable collaboration between soft drink giant Coca Cola and Emeco in 2010. Since then, production of the 111 Navy chair has recycled more than 13 million plastic bottles destined for landfill.

The chair retains the classic form of the original 1944 model, repurposed for modern interiors with a bright colour palette. 111 Navy is virtually indestructible casual seating, with an environmental conscious with historic design appeal.

For more information on the 111 Navy chair by Emeco, visit Cult.


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