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Schiavello launches in Beijing


With a 50 year history in Australia, Schiavello has now branched out into the Chinese market with the launch of a new showroom in Beijing.

The showroom, located at the Heng Yi Building, is a milestone position. At the south is a part of Beijing’s history, including the Imperial Palace and Temple of Heaven, and at the north stands the modern Olympic Park. Ideally situated close to major office buildings, the showroom boasts a magnificent view of the Bird Nest National Stadium. “We are very excited to be launching our new showroom in such a historic location in China,” says Peter Schiavello, managing director of Schiavello Group. “This will give us the opportunity to invite the A&D community in China to experience and feel the quality of design we offer.”

beijing schiavello

Dedicated to developing intelligent, inspiring and resilient solutions for the office, the home and public spaces, Schiavello has developed a full range of world-class flexible furniture solutions. Working with Australian and international designers, the collection on display showcases Schiavello’s approach to enhancing collaboration, concentration and health in the workplace. Reflective of the brand’s dedication to wellbeing, Schiavello’s innovative office solutions aim to boost productivity and autonomy. Recent product launches include

Reflective of the brand’s dedication to wellbeing, Schiavello’s innovative office solutions aim to boost productivity and autonomy. Recent product launches include Krossi, a new sit-to-stand workstation system that allows movement from a seated to an upright position, and Focus, a series of soft barriers and booths that encourage individual work, providing acoustic absorption and privacy for those who need it. “We’re a people business. This means that we are continually seeking ways to help our clients by adding value to their activities, on both a personal and an organisational level,” explains Raffaele Tigani, director – general manager of Schiavello International.

beijing schiavello

A commitment to distributing the best in Australian and international design has seen Schiavello create a studio to lead their own design manufacturing direction, and open a world-class 75,000 square metre manufacturing facility in Melbourne in 2005. With a sophisticated powder coating facility, bespoke joinery and CNC metal plant, Schiavello not only produces a world-class collection of products, but also is in an excellent position to offer bespoke solutions.

schiavello beijing

“Schiavello’s company culture of ‘anything is possible’ is driven throughout the business, from product research and development to project delivery and customer service. The industry is able to come to Schiavello to realise their designs and bring their aesthetic and functional objectives to life. Being a local that is manufacturing in Asia Pacific with the ability to resolve solutions locally is a big point of difference for Schiavello,” explains Peter Schiavello. He adds, “The opening of the new showroom is a symbol of Schiavello’s dedication to the Chinese market and will continue to be a gateway for unique fresh designs to China.”

beijing schiavello

schiavello beijing



Visit Schiavello’s Beijing Showroom at 27th Floor, Heng Yi Building, 5 An Ding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. For more information about Schiavello and its products visit www.schiavello.com.cn.

Take a look at the MR chair, which is the latest collaboration between Schiavello and Spanish designer Mario Ruiz.


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