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New appointments at FJMT


Above image: FJMT’s internationally acclaimed Craigieburn Library, courtesy FJMT.

Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (FJMT), the architectural practice whose Auckland Art Gallery building won the World Architectural Festival (WAF) Building of the Year Award in 2013, has announced new appointments to its award-winning team.

Elizabeth Carpenter has been appointed to the distinguished position of Managing Principal.  A recipient of the 2014 University of Sydney Alumni Award for Professional Achievement, Carpenter has had a major role in many of FJMT’s celebrated projects.  Her previous experience as a founding Principal will be crucial in strengthening studio leadership and management within the practice.

Adrian Yap has been appointed Principal at FJMT’s UK studio.  Yap has led the development of many projects across a broad range of typologies with an emphasis on public benefit outcomes, and will now lead competition-winning proposals through to implementation.

Lina Francis-Jones, currently the Discipline Head of FJMT Interiors, has been appointed Senior Associate.  Francis-Jones has been with the firm since its establishment, and has undertaken a key role in some of the practice’s most significant competition-winning projects.  In her new capacity, Francis-Jones will focus on the development of FJMT’s interior architecture and design.

James Perry has been appointed Senior Associate and Studio Leader: Design Research and Development.  Perry has led the firm’s design teams to win competitions and awards, and has considerable experience in many phases of development, and across a broad range of project typologies.

Christopher Bridge has been appointed Associate.  Having been with FJMT for ten years, Bridge has undertaken key roles in award-winning projects and is highly skilled across all phases of project development.

Andrew Chung has been appointed Associate.  Chung has been with FJMT since its establishment and has undertaken key roles in all phases of the firm’s award-winning projects throughout Australia and South-East Asia.  Chung brings his particular expertise in facade technology and systems to his new role.

Jodie Matthews has been appointed Associate.  Highly skilled and experienced, Matthews has led FJMT teams across a broad range of typologies.  Her expertise is in mixed-use residential, with a focus on implementation and project procurement.

Phillip Pham has been appointed Associate and Studio Leader: Convergent Systems.  Having been with FJMT for almost ten years, Pham has undertaken key roles in conceptual design development, communications technology and research.

Tim Harper has been appointed Studio Practice Manager.  Harper has been with the firm for ten years, and has undertaken key roles in professional practice management and systems design.


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