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Milan Design Week: Temporary Museum for New Design


Superstudio’s Temporary Museum for New Design will once again take the center stage in this year’s Milan Design Week. For the sixth time, the events will be held at: Superstudio Piu’, Via Tortona 27, and Superstudio 13, Via Forcella 13 / Via Bugatti 9.

While Superstudio was founded in 1983, Superstudio Più exhibition center was set up in 2000. Since then, the two venues have become one of the world’s leading design display hubs showcasing content and cultures from avant-garde to traditional.

Superstudio Museum5

Today, in the face of the fragmentation of production and self-production, the rise of bio-architecture, the multiplication of producing countries, the increasing youth of the designers, of ever more varied origin, and the relentless advance of the new market created by e-commerce, there is a great demand for renewal acros the globe.

The Museum area is dominated by Melogranoblu’s tower of moving lights, which makes the most of materials, ever more important in redefining the very concept of design. Among many other displays, there are multisensory projects that speculate about the future, including the Nendo studio’s spectacular art installation for Alcantara, the open plan of Karim Rashid’s futuristic house for LG Hausys, Cotto’s meditation room, the soft welcome offered by Tagina’s three-dimensional tiles, the Ermini car revisited by Giulio Cappellini which was recently presented at the Genoa Motor Show and the ‘Print-à-Porter’ of Brother in collaboration with POLI.design.

Superstudio Museum2

It also marks the return of ‘French touch’ as interpreted by the people at France Design, an exploration of the latest developments in Thai design that spring from the traditional poetics of Thailand’s Slow Hand Design, the discovery of the potential of Croatia with prostoria, the youthful experiments of Product Design Madrid, the concreteness of Swedish aesthetics interpreted by Engblad & Co, the new Chinese architecture viewed through models and pictures of the latest constructions realised by Barrie Ho for Iris Ceramica.

Modernity and respect of the environment for the wooden furniture of Vitamin Design, while Rex Kralj celebrates and reinvents the pieces of the mythical designer Niko Kralj and Nikari Oy presents pieces by Jasper Morrison, Wataru Kumano and Alfredo Häberli.

Superstudio Museum1

Art Interactions
It combines art and design through a range of proposals. Roberto Fazio’s interactive installation inspired by the movements of the sun and the speed of light in space and [archiattack]’s installation that makes light interact with sound, re-creating virtually the atmosphere of a great stage, both in collaboration with the technological portal hiWHIM; the exhibition ‘Designers’ Dream’ with sculptures by big names of design left free to dream: Denis Santachiara, Karim Rashid, Marco Acerbis, Javier Mariscal, Fabio Rotella, Daniele Basso, Eun-Sun Park, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Jean-Claude Farhi and Stefano Soddu for Slide Art; Flavio Lucchini’s giant Toys that recalls a work of architecture, the totemic steel sculpture of Samuel Schuhmacher for Architonic; Porcelanosa’s sitting-art, video mapping, performances, among others.


Selected Objects
A thousand square metres dedicated to research, with proposals of contemporary design selected from a vast number of candidates by Giulio Cappellini. Proposals from international companies like the French Beau&Bien, the Dutch Fatboy, the British anythingby and Vezzini & Chen Design, the Swedish by Henzel, the Italian Parson with video cameras in the form of little animals, t-sculpt’s radiators worthy of a museum, the Japanese Kurokawa Design Products, and more.


An extraordinary project that unites ecology, architecture, nutrition, design and art, SuperOrtoPiù is a large urban vegetable garden of 750 square metre, designed by Michelangelo Pistoletto-Cittadellarte, on the Roof of Superstudio Più. The installation will remain in function on a permanent basis throughout the period of Expo 2015. The Terzo Paradiso (Third Paradise), the sign created by the artist to promote the encounter between nature and human activities, has become a symbol of regeneration of the places and areas where it is located.

SlideArt_JAVIER-MARISCAL_Amore_main_image_objectCultivating the city is the necessary condition for us to be able to go back to living happily in communities that integrate farming into the urban fabric. The event, curated by Fortunato D’Amico, in collaboration with N.O.V.A. Civitas and the Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta section of the AIAPP, plays host to artists’ installations, exhibitions devoted to the landscape and proposals from companies that are working on the construction of cities integrated into the ecosystem. This area will see a series of debates, courses in vegetable growing, musical concerts, evenings devoted to food and meetings with landscape designers, architects, product designers, agronomists and other experts who are applying multidisciplinary methods to the construction of the new world. The popular shopping portal, eBay, presents its new portal of design with an imposing installation and a video-itinerary around the realm of e-commerce.


3D Printer Exhibition
The final award ceremony at the Temporary Museum closes the third Carbon Fiber Design Contest – an international competition of design that entails the use of innovative technologies such as 3D printing and innovative materials like carbon fiber.

Temporary Architecture
Ivanka presents Rainhouse, a prototype dwelling that uses an innovative system of surfaces and cisterns to filter and store rainwater, turning it into drinking water of excellent quality. Marchingenio, on the other hand, presents an architectural module with a biomorphic aspect conceived for different uses, both public and private.


Dubai, So Close
Thanks to the joint initiative of the new contemporary design fair Downtown Design and Superstudio, the Temporary Museum will return in October 2014 with a new installation reserved for projects by Italian companies.

Food Design
Owing to the participation of some of the best Italian chefs and the actor Pierfrancesco Favino, S.Pellegrino’s food design project will feature many exclusive services of the Temporary Museum in the two linked locations. Alongside the customary Dada Café and Superstudio Café there will be the VIP lounge, the Superdesign Lounge with tasting of Prosecco Valdo and the Temporary Shop run by Mandarina Duck.

Superstudio Museum6Superstudio 13, at Via Bugatti 9/Via Forcella13, will host the inaugural Green Village, a proposal for an environmentally compatible and sustainable lifestyle, organised by Io Abito Bio in collaboration with Vastu Studio Architecture & Design. There are seven thematic areas: Home, Food, Kids, Wellbeing, Sustainable Transport, Alternative Energies and Mindful Tourism.

Featured designers / studios:
Alcantara, anythingby, Artigiana Marmi, Avantgarde, Beau&Bien, Beback Designstudio/Lab, Blauer H.I.Tech, Brother, By Henzel, CABBdesign, Centimeter Studio, Cotto, Crjos Design Milano, Dal Pian Design, Denise M. Hachinger Design, Digital Habits, eBay, Engblad & Co, Ermini, Fatboy, FID, formAxiom, France Design, Francesco Raimondi Art Design, Googy, Green Village, hOle Designstudio, Iris Ceramica, Ivanka, Kabiljo Inc., Kurokawa Design Products, Lacrime d’arte, LG Hausys, Light NYC, Maison 203, Marchingenio, Melogranoblu, Metrocuadro Design, Michaël Bihain, Mindbike / 180 Degree, Nautilus, Nikari Oy, Officina Metallica, One Off Mosaico, Parson, People of the Sun, Porcelanosa, Product Design Madrid, Progetto Carminio, prostoria, Qui Est Paul, Rex Kralj, Ri_Uso, SuperOrtoPiù, Tagina Ceramiche d’arte, Thailand’s Slow Hand Design, The Cube, T.Magpie, t-sculpt, Vezzini & Chen Design, Vitamin Design, Vitro.

April 8-12, 2014, 10 am-9 pm, professionals only
April 13, 2014, 10 am-6 pm, open to non-professionals too (Superstudio 13 until 2 pm)



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