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Midsummer Installation by STUDIO David Thulstrup


To celebrate midsummer, STUDIO David Thulstrup has experimented with the idea of twisting the classical flower vase into an object that has been inspired by traditional Nordic rituals that are celebrated at the end of June.

Midsummer Installation STUDIO David Thulstrup2

Dancing around the maypole in June for midsummer is a ritual that is one of the most important during the year. Greens and flowers are collected and used to decorate the maypole and young girls make crowns out of wild springs and wildflowers to wear on their heads.

Midsummer Installation STUDIO David Thulstrup4

It’s the time of year where the days are longest, continuing all the way into the night and where all the flowers blossom after a hard winter. It’s a time of celebration in the Nordic countries.

Inspired by the maypole and flower crowns that are made during this time of year, STUDIO David Thulstrup created a series of objects that reflects these two elements.

Midsummer Installation STUDIO David Thulstrup5

Interior Architect: STUDIO David Thulstrup
Client: Self Initiative
Photographer: Peter Krasilnikoff
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


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