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Christel Hadiwibawa wins Nescafe Azera Project


Sydney-based designer Christel Hadiwibawa has won the recently concluded Nescafe Azera Project – a competition featuring three emerging Australian designers challenged to create the ultimate reuse for the coffee plunger.

The designers were given the task of repurposing 50 coffee plungers within two weeks. Industrial designer Seaton McKeon, and owner and head designer of Juxtaposed Designs, Jacob Pimble were the other two competitors. The competition involved social media engagement to receive public votes.

Hadiwibawa’s inspiration came from the five human senses. Thinking around the idea that coffee only appealed to taste and smell, the designer evolved the plungers into creations that would cater to the missing three senses – sight, sound and touch. The result was three individually designed pieces including, a light feature, speakers and a chess set.

The products were unveiled at a special event at the iconic Rocks district in Sydney. A panel of three industry professionals judged the competition.



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