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Welcome matte


Above image: ASKO matte induction cooktop.

From stark white walls to raw concrete floors, contemporary interiors are composed of layers of understated textural detail. Now metals and glass are following suit, with traditional gloss finishes being taken over by a fresh matte look.

In contrast with ubiquitous high-shine accessories, shine-free fixtures and finishes exude a subtle tactility and pared back luxury – particularly in wet areas; where glazed porcelain, mirrors and polished chrome have long been the standard. The introduction of matte elements bring a modern twist to functional zones.

Recent months have seen the trend moving into the kitchen, with matte cooktops, fridges, and dishwashers adding subtle texture to otherwise sleek cooking areas. The matte black glass of Asko’s induction cooktop provides this simple yet stylish pop and is easily incorporated into a variety of kitchen designs.

Interior designer Shaynna Blaze welcomes the change from the traditional when it comes to kitchenware. “The selections were limited to shiny or and glossy but now the option of matte finishes has taken off in a big way. A lot of designs are using matte bench tops, tiles and doors, and having your cooktop to match gives your kitchen that sleek designer edge.”

In addition to the matte look, the Asko cooktop features induction heating, and an anti-slip surface. Being scratch and fingerprint-resistant, it is easy to keep this modern addition to the kitchen looking clean and sharp.


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