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The Courtyard by Daarc


Townsville’s The Courtyard, designed by Daarc, provides a bar and dining experience with personality and character – one that challenges ideas of opulence and exclusivity. Daarc, a relatively new practice established in 2011, adhered closely to the client’s brief of creating a space that is comfortable rather than luxurious; accessible rather than elitist.


The client, designer, and construction team worked in close collaboration to produce a unique and inviting atmosphere. The aim was to render The Courtyard flexible in its appeal, with the vision to cater for all occasions and to a wide variety of patrons.

The building’s original 1900s shell has been retained, creating a space with a deliberately unfinished look. Its imperfect structure is celebrated, with its overall rustic aesthetic enhanced by the use of salvaged materials. The recycled brick wall and timber pallet joinery used were sourced from neighbouring construction sites.


The use of colour provides a bright yet smooth transition between the interior and exterior of the building. Rainbow umbrellas erected outside blend into vivid yellows and vibrant reds scattered throughout the indoor space. Daarc designed a custom mural for the indoor space, which again peppers the space with splashes of colour. Astroturf is wrapped around the interior walls, embracing Townsville’s traditional love of the outdoors.


The Courtyard brings a theatrical luminescence to Townsville, appealing to all demographics, from mothers brunching with their children to corporate meetings between colleagues.


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