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Industry’s first trend forecast released next month

Industry’s first trend forecast released next month


In February 2016, Niche Media will publish the first ever Global Architecture and Design Forecast for Australia.

From an extraordinary research base looking at social, economic, population and planning data, the forecast will delve deep and point the way to how we plan, design, build and supply in the coming years.

Niche Media and Gorman/Birrell are proud to reveal the co-directors behind the content of our upcoming report, Dr. Paul McGillick and Stephen Todd.

Dr. Paul McGillick

Dr. Paul McGillick is one of Australia’s most respected and authoritative voices and editors in the fields of architecture, art and design. His unparalleled understanding of the workplace and multi-storey residential design and build extends not only to cover Australia but South East Asia. Dr. McGillick is presently a much sought after consultant to the design and architecture sector who combines his extensive knowledge with his cross-channel abilities in television, video and print production to help practitioners generate meaningful engagement with their audiences. As a former editorial director of IndesignHabitus and Monument magazines, Paul is an accomplished and seasoned editor and creator of content. His perspective on the future of the design practice in Australia is eagerly anticipated.

Stephen Todd

For over 25 years of a distinguished international career, Stephen Todd has contributed essays on life and style, design and architecture to journals of record including The New York TimesThe GuardianThe Independent and Le Monde. His writing has appeared Wallpaper, BlueprintElle Decoration and American Vogue. Stephen is an editor and initiator of publications in Europe and the UK and was the European Culture correspondent for The Australian for over 14 years from his base in Paris. During this time, he consulted widely for Moet & Chandon, LVMH, and the Woolmark Prize and was worldwide brand director for Swarovski. Stephen is currently the Design Editor of the Australian Financial Review Magazine with a wide remit to cover all that touches on the material and visual aspects of culture. His view is constantly fixed on the future in both Australia and around the globe.

Our team of researchers have been working to collate this vast amount of information into a comprehensive report, ensuring that the Niche Media 2016 Design and Architecture Forecast represents an unparalleled opportunity for the industry.

Don’t miss out on a chance to foresee the trends and developments that will influence our futures.

To qualify for an early bird discount of $995, register your interest below:


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