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Contemporary designs from Rouse Phillips


The newly established fabric producer, Rouse Phillips, was one of the highlights of the recent Decoration + Design Exhibition in Sydney. Rather than provide a printed range, the company gave us fabrics that are hand-painted. Drawing on their formal training in art and design, the principals, Tim Rouse and Anastasia Phillips, have been accruing a skill set through their work with fashion brands in Australia and abroad.

The decision to move into their own practice was instigated by the realisation in 2012 that original high-quality fabrics were lacking in the Australian offering. Enter the very specific art talents of the pair and a range quickly developed. The style varies from subtle cherry blossoms to vibrant abstractions and heady graphics. Sofala, for example, combines rich oranges, blacks and silvery greys in a lively abstraction. Moreover, being hand-painted, the scope for bespoke iterations is without limit. Available in medium-weight cotton and a heavier cotton-linen blend, the range is available to the trade directly.

Expanding the offering is a range of kilims and hand knotted rugs, all of which are produced in keeping with ethical and fair trade practices.



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