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American Standard Design Award 2022 announces calls for entries

American Standard Design Award 2022 announces calls for entries


LIXIL, the maker of pioneering water and housing products, has announced the launch of the American Standard Design Award (ASDA) for next year!

Organised by the American Standard for students in the APAC region, the competition aims to bring the design community together to develop purposeful function inspired by the next generation of designers.

At the heart of the ASDA is the objective of embracing thoughtful design to enhance hygiene standards while providing solutions to the ever-changing needs of consumers. With this in mind, the theme of this year’s competition is Purposeful Design – Transforming the Way We Live.  

The ASDA 2022 is open to Year 2 tertiary architecture and interior design students from eight countries across APAC – including Australia, Cambodia, India, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The entries will be judged first at the national level with the winner of the first prize receiving USD $2,000 ($2682 AUD). Finalists from this round will subsequently compete at the APAC level, with the winning submission receiving a grand prize of USD $3,000 ($4023 AUD). 

Entries are open now until 10 January 2022, with national-level winners to be announced on 4 February 2022. The regional winners of the ASDA will be announced in March 2022.  

Reflecting the resurgence of urbanisation and an increased emphasis on health and wellbeing, the ASDA is structured into two categories – Residential Bathroom Space Design and Hospitality Bathroom Space Design.

To qualify for the awards, students from the region are required to design bathroom spaces that not only feature inviting aesthetics but are integrated with functionality that fulfils the user’s needs.  

The judging panel in Australia comprises Samantha Eades and Hayley Mitchell, Directors at Mitchell and Eades; Prasanna Uduwana, Leader, LIXIL; and Steven Higgins, Leader – Key Account Management, LIXIL. 

“American Standard, one of LIXIL’s portfolio global brands, has an unmatched legacy of quality and innovation for over 140 years. Through its brand philosophy of designing innovative and purposeful bathroom designs, we decided to create a platform for budding designers of the future to showcase their creativity and innovation,” says LIXIL Global Design Asia Leader Antoine Besseyre Des Horts

“The ASDA will allow the design community to collaborate, push boundaries, and create solutions that meet the needs of an ever-evolving world.”

The competition is driven by a desire to solve practical problems with thoughtful solutions. With limited living spaces, designers have to optimize and create multifunctional spaces in homes without compromising on living and workspaces.

As the world shifts into the new normal, there is a heightened awareness and enhanced requirements for better health and hygiene standards in shared facilities.  

The ASDA seeks to promote the user-centric design philosophy that guides the American Standard brand in delivering dependable bathroom solutions that combine thoughtful designs and innovative technologies.

It allows students to showcase their craft and introduce the concept of a purposeful and thoughtful design through innovations that address daily consumer issues.  

Visit asda.americanstandard-apac.com to learn more about the ASDA 2022. 

As one of the most iconic brands in sanitary ware, American Standard has earned the trust of its customers by constantly delivering style, quality and reliability to their bathrooms. Today, backed by more than 140 years of pioneering legacy, American Standard continues to raise the bar in delivering dependable bathroom solutions that combine thoughtful designs and innovative technologies to create inviting bathroom spaces offering ultimate hygiene, comfort and convenience.

Images supplied by ASDA.

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