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Alex Lotersztain wraps up Milan 2015

Alex Lotersztain wraps up Milan 2015


Born in Argentina and based in Brisbane, the bold and innovative Alex Lotersztain gives us his insight into this year’s Salone del Mobile, including what not to miss in Milan. Lotersztain’s prismatic QTZ range, created for his award-winning multidisciplinary Brisbane design studio Derlot, was exhibited at Ventura Lambrate.

alex 1

Lotersztain’s QTZ range for Derlot


ADR: What is your main objective going into Design Week?

Lotersztain: I launch my new yearly limited edition collection. This year was the QTZ stainless steel lounger, ottoman and side table, in a variety of metal finishes and only produced in a limited number. Besides showcasing them and meeting with clients, galleries and collectors, the main focus was to re-establish old connections, as I haven’t done a personal show in Milan since 2007. Good news is that now my limited edition work will be represented in Italy by Rossana Orlandi, so happy about that. She is great and a very charismatic woman, so glad we reconnected!

Who were the standout personalities that have inspired you at Milan this year?
This year by far the most was the work for the Bouroullec brothers, both their work for Vitra and Magis, but also the glassware for Italia.

alex 2

Ronan Erwan Bouroullec’s geometric vases for Iittalia


In your view, what designers or design houses have continually raised the bar at Milan this year?
As per above, some nice work on some of the Swedish brands too.

What innovative exhibitions or products made an impression on you this year?
The little stand of Nikari was the standout for me, simple and beautifully crafted and displayed products.

What key themes or ideas did you observe at this year’s Salone del Mobile?
Becoming a bit more elegant for luxurious, with touches of pop/bright colours… metal finishes are still prevailing. Most relevant colours are still hues of blue, grey, yellow and mustard, some pinks as well.

You can’t leave Milan without doing/visiting/seeing:
Having a meal at trattoria Toscana with my local friends, this year also Stylecraft hosted a beautiful Salone dinner there so I was spoiled twice!
Party at Stefano Giovanoni’s house in Zona Tortola.
Having a burratta with a glass of brunello.
Having a drink at Bar Basso, but a bit over rated this year – too many people and the quality of drinks has dropped. Gone are the days you could get the perfect Negroni in a real glass.

Derlot is distributed by Stylecraft.


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