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Good Eye Deer’s creative Production Hub

Good Eye Deer’s creative Production Hub


Project: The Production Hub
Designers: Gavin Banks & Olivia Olley

Good Eye Deer is an internationally acclaimed video production company based in Newcastle, NSW Australia. Our film work has a distinct visual aesthetic and we wanted our office to match.

the production house4

We designed The Production Hub to be a co-working facility that is beautiful in both form and function. We wanted it to provide a facility where amongst other things we could produce films. We see it as a regional film industry initiative. Here, freelancers and small businesses have access to facilities that are designed to enhance all aspects of their creative endeavours. The Production Hub is more than a shared- office, it’s an experience for all to share.

the production house6

The inspiration behind this co-working studio initially came from the light. While looking for an office space we (Olivia and Gavin owners of Good Eye Deer) discovered an ex-dance studio with large north facing windows. The studio was too large for what our business needed, however, the beautiful natural light stirred our imaginations to design a co-working facility for the creative industries.

the production house5

In the studio we have used modern furniture with a vibrant colour palette to offset natural tones from the wooden floorboards and white walls. To divide the space we created partitions out of recycled timber and windows. The idea to sculpt windows together came from our desire to keep natural light flowing, yet still create separation for the various businesses working within.

the production house3

Our sound-proofed meeting room is placed near the front of the studio and has curved walls as we didn’t want sharp edges to upset the natural flow into the space.

the production house2

Finally, our workshop boasts a nine-metre long whiteboard wall that we use to refine and storyboard creative projects. The workshop has a window-partition on wheels that remodels the space into a small function and presentation centre catering for up to 30 people. The Production Hub is a studio full of light, colour and design; it is truly a beautiful place to work.

the production house1

About Gavin Banks & Olivia Olley

With almost 15 years experience in the industry, as a producer Gavin Banks is dedicated to working hard for every client. As a director he has creative foresight and a passion for using his craft to show rather than tell. As a cinematographer Gavin revels in capturing beauty in detail. He is a perfectionist with his craft – his attention to detail a respected asset to collaborative filmmakers and corporate clients alike.

Olivia Olley is a multi-award winning Director/Producer with Honours in Documentary Production. Olivia Olley is dedicated to producing films that have a strong narrative value, comment on an ethical or moral plane, and is outstanding on an artistic level.

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