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Eureka L82 Apartment by Fitt De Felice

Eureka L82 Apartment by Fitt De Felice


Architecture & Interior Design: Fitt De Felice
Furniture Selection & Art Direction: Molecule
Photography: Jaime Diaz-Berrio

A full 700m2 floorplate of Eureka Tower provided an amazing design opportunity for place making within a seemingly endless space, while the 360 degree views from level 82 of Melbourne’s tallest building made us dizzy with possibilities, the Eureka Apartment fulfills its dual requirements of private family home and public entertaining venue.

Our client wanted a unique family home that could accommodate entertaining high profile and high volume guests. They wanted an impressive apartment that would remain welcoming, bold and relevant for the long term.

The jagged diamond floorplan offered an array of complex shapes, creating opportunities for interesting place making. Sweeping extroverted living spaces sit adjacent to more intimate spaces – defined from one another through the proximity of light and material rather than physical division.

Astonishing views provided both constraint and opportunity. The challenge was to variously embrace and control them where public and private zones demanded, resulting in a robust collection of spaces with varying degrees of exposure.

The fluted lobby provides a physically dramatic entry. Overhead a black blade links public and private ends of the apartment. Private zones are screened from the entry by original hydraulics pipes encased in glass, while the public zones open up from the entry in a free flowing assemblage of spaces.

On first entering the apartment through to the furthest corners, we wanted the material experience to be about natural textures. Aniline leathers, broad timber boards and veneers, and large format stone were chosen to collectively reveal embedded natural surfaces, grains and variations.

Fitt De Felice

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