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Enmore Renovation


Architect: Stukel Stone
Photographer: Gez Xavier Mansfield

The key design move for this small inner west renovation was to bounce northern light into the interior living spaces.


An enlarged angular eave fascia acts as the reflector, which in turn relies on the neighbour’s wall to illuminate the kitchen, living and dining areas through windows set within a wall of joinery.


The 1.5 metre wide side passage is purposefully linked to both the living spaces and the rear yard to increase a sense of space on the otherwise small site.


The front portions of the dwelling were also renovated and included two wet areas and a new bedroom. A bespoke ceiling profile has ensured the internal bathroom is a delightful light-filled room.


Stukel Stone

STUKEL STONE STUDIO Welcome to Stukel Stone, a collaboration between husband and wife, Architect Daniel Beasly, UNSW honours graduate and Production Designer Tobhiyah Feller, NIDA. Tobhiyah and Daniel form a skilled team that creates contemporary design for the arts and entertainment industries as well as the commercial and residential sectors. The name of the studio is the pairing of Tobhiyah and Daniel’s middle names’ ‘Stukel’ & ‘Stone’. It is within the context of Stukel Stone that Tobhi & Daniel have most fun, beyond the boundaries of their respective disciplines, Production Design and Architecture, they combine forces with excitement and anticipation of rich and unexpected outcomes.

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