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Cook & Archies by De Simone Design


Cook & Archies is a well-established café in Surry Hills which needed a minor make-over while retaining many original features and the overall design palette. The main point of the brief was to refer to the site’s history and give an old-world feel to the space.


It was decided fairly early in the process that a resourceful and appropriate solution was to reveal the original Heritage fabric of the building and enhance the existing elements that we felt could be carried over into the design effectively, such as the concrete floor. This kind of thinking also minimised costs.


The existing white render of Cook & Archies was blasted away revealing the original English style common bond brickwork which was used in many industrial and residential buildings throughout the 1920s. The high ceiling with original decorative timber battens was exposed and painted in a charcoal to create contrast, help give warmth and reduce overexposed light levels.


To provide more seating and improve the overall flow of the space, a bench seat runs along the window reveals and returns at the back wall. This was designed with very minimal lines, which also gives a nice juxtaposition against the more traditional elements.


Natural and classic materials such as timber, marble, zinc and steel were employed and a monochromatic palette carries through from Cook & Archies’ back bar joinery all the way to the exterior signage. The brand design was based on the classic Bodoni typeface and was translated into a traditional, fully welded steel sign fixed to the exterior wall. Bentwood chairs also helped enhance the Heritage feel.


We thoroughly enjoyed designing and fabricating two large twin pendant shades, which are supported by natural oak dowel and a custom-made brass fixture. These pieces really give the space a relaxed yet refined finish. A custom super round mirror is suspended by a stained hardwood knob, reflecting natural light and views down Rutland Street.

Photography by Dave Silvester.



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