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Beyond Rest

Beyond Rest


Beyond Rest is a floatation centre housed in an industrial warehouse in Prahran, Melbourne. Float tanks are used for both relaxation and rehabilitation purposes by a wide ranging client base. This is a growing wellness industry which is offers a range of physical and mental benefits.

The space is a temple of serenity. The design uses sacred geometry to plan the space as well as in the fine detail seen in the custom made light fittings. Sacred geometry derives forms, patterns and proportions systems from nature.


These geometries have been incorporated in a range of sacred structures of all religious types and cultural origins for thousands of years. The use of the geometry elevates the spatial experience, which is in line with the heightened mental state one achieves through floating.


The tanks are housed in spaces which have been designed to the proportions of a hens egg, which is another example of sacred geometry. These then radiate around the space creating a circular plan around which the users circumambulate. Support spaces including waiting areas and chillout zones flow from the pod spaces. There appears to be no end to the spaces as you move around the space, reflecting philosophies of infinite cyclical life forces.


The floor level gradually changes as you move from the industrial exterior up to the pods spaces then back down to the waiting lounge. The continual movement of the curving walls and ramping floors reinforce the elevated state you achieve while floating then reconnect you to the ground as you leave.


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