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World’s first Tesla town to be built in Melbourne


A new development planned for inner city Melbourne is set to become a groundbreaking battery-powered green precinct. Using inventor Elon Musk’s Powerwalls in conjunction with solar photovoltaic technology, the 16.46 hectare YarraBend development has the potential to reduce energy consumption by 34 percent.

Arriving on Australian shores only six months ago, Musk’s Powerwalls act as individual energy storage units as an innovative green alternative to fossil fuels. Speaking to the Heidelberg Leader, Urban Development Institute of Australia’s Victorian chief executive Danni Addison said that “The Powerwalls, combined with solar panels (also standard), will mean that future residents will be able to benefit in a variety of ways, including dramatically smaller power bills and knowing that the majority of their energy usage is coming from a clean and renewable source”.

Addison also revealed that YarraBend’s construction and operation will generate leading sustainability practices. The project will reduce water usage by 43 percent and landfill by 80 percent, with electric car charge ports included for hybrid car owners. The futuristic town will also boast advanced connectivity, as the site claims, “YarraBend residents will belong to a Smartwired community with high-speed internet and a complimentary tech-concierge, a technical call-out service to assist with smart wiring or even WiFi home entertainment set ups”.

The environment plays a key role at the urban planning level too, with walking trails and parks included to complement the Darebin Parklands and Yarra Bend park nearby. Local developers, Glenville Group, have put the first 60 homes on the market, with a pricetag between $1.48 million to $2.1 million on the range of 2500 new residences including options for three to five bedroom houses, apartments and townhouses.



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