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TURNER to design Wentworth Point Sanctuary development

TURNER to design Wentworth Point Sanctuary development


Sydney-based architecture and design studio, TURNER have joined forces with residential property builder Sekisui House to deliver the Sanctuary development in response to urbanisation and an increased preference for apartment-living. 

The Sanctuary development at Wentworth Point by Sekisui House and TURNER is one of the biggest developments currently in the pipeline for the rapidly growing Sydney suburb.

This duo are no stranger to ventures such as Sanctuary, as they have been collaborating on the design and development of apartments at Wentworth Point for over 10 years, however, this newest development marks an exciting leap forward. 

Many young professionals and families are opting for a move to Wentworth Point due to its social vibrancy, convenient location to the city and abundance of larger apartments – a home style preference allegedly on the rise according to Sekisui House senior sales and operations manager Paul Wainwright. 

“We’re seeing more families flock to the area due to the new Wentworth Point School, as well as an increase in public transport and infrastructure,” comments Wainwright. 

“We have young professional singles and couples seeking larger apartments with flexible room types that serve multiple purposes like work-from-home spaces.”

Sanctuary set to be a dynamic mixed-use precinct

The Sanctuary development will transform a formerly industrial area into a dynamic and highly functional mixed-use precinct, whose shining star will be meticulously designed and high-quality apartments, in addition to public parks and retail offerings. 

A noticeable shift in the suburb’s demographics and the subsequent need for improved amenities, infrastructure and high-quality design, galvanised this development into action. 

More people desiring apartment-living

TURNER and Sekisui House are working to deliver premium apartment-living at Sanctuary.

Two-bedroom units will be transformed into 300 square-metre sized expansive suites with four bedrooms and a study, already anticipated to garner a sales price of more than $3 million, which, when sold, will be record-breaking for the suburb. 

TURNER director James McCarthy hypotheses the increased interest in larger apartments is indebted to the convenience, design and substantial level of amenity this home-style preference guarantees for users, particularly when located somewhere like Wentworth Point.

“Wentworth Point has grown quickly over the past 20 years and has now matured into an established and very desirable suburb – once a quiet area, it is now bustling with an emerging dining and retail scene,” says McCarthy. 

Surprising surge in owner-occupiers

Wainwright adds to McCarthy’s assessment regarding Wentworth Point’s growth in popularity, citing that interest from owner-occupiers has also surged, in addition to a doubling of first-home buyers.

“Owner-occupiers now make up 70 percent of our sales, compared to 10 to 30 percent from 10 years ago,” says Wainwright. 

He attributes Wentworth Point’s north-facing riverfront views and generous amounts of public open space as responsible for drawing in families and young professionals alike. 

“Green-fingers” for all to enjoy 

Sekisui House and TURNER have doubled the public open space allocated under the new masterplan from the previously approved masterplan accepted by Sekisui House when the site was first purchased. 

The new parks will eventually form a series of “green fingers” that connect surrounding regional parklands to the water’s edge. 

McCarthy speaks of how the Sanctuary development will be informed by practices of sustainability and future-proofing, alongside ensuring people feel a connection to nature – regardless of where users find themselves in the development, they will be “park-side.”

“It was imperative for us to give back to the Wentworth Point community and provide places for picnics, barbecues, meeting and gathering,” says McCarthy. 

A brave new urban world

Locals and those considering a move can brace for the next stage of the master plan, which will see the launch of major public infrastructure – such as the Parramatta Light Rail – linking Wentworth to all areas of Sydney. 

McCarthy hints at the Sanctuary development pioneering a new form of urbanism that allows nature to take centre-stage. 

“As Wentworth Point continues to attract families and young professionals, we’re excited to design and deliver a vibrant community,” says McCarthy. 

Renders supplied by TURNER. 

Read about TURNER’s collaboration with NSW Land and Housing Corporation and City West Housing to deliver affordable housing grounded in dignity. 

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