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ShapeShift design technologies: bridging creativity and buildability

ShapeShift design technologies: bridging creativity and buildability


ShapeShift Design Technologies is a design, engineering and project management practice specialising in collaborating with architects, artists and builders to deliver the most challenging structures within agreed quality, budget and timeline parameters.

ShapeShift’s knowledge of the latest materials and composite technology, their 13 years of experience as a global manufacturer (through our digital manufacturing company mouldCAM), and their onsite building experience allows them to develop solutions that not only deliver the design intent, but are also buildable.

ShapeShift thrives on the collaborative path and enjoys the small projects as much as the towering façade projects.


The range of services at ShapeShift ensure they provide complete solutions all the way through to practical completion. These services include design, engineering and certification, manufacturing and project management right through to overseeing installation.

Recent high-profile architectural collaborations include MPavilion in collaboration with Amanda Levete, Swanston Square ‘Barak’ façade in Melbourne, and the Orbis façade in collaboration with ARM Architecture.

M Pavilion

ShapeShiftShapeShift Design Technologies will be running a series of educational talks about the creative use of modern materials like composites and their place in modern architecture.

For details please visit www.shapeshift.tech.


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