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Jac Design Competition winners revealed by Zenith

Jac Design Competition winners revealed by Zenith


The Jac Design Competition saw Zenith invite design firms from Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Shenzhen to use all of their innovation and creativity in reinterpreting Schamburg + Alvisse‘s JAC chair, as a way of reflecting on the many impacts of 2020 and all that the year entailed.

The winners for the individual regions have now been announced and they are:

Hong Kong – Flexibility by Goudie Associates

“This project aims to explore the notion of chair by using materials, textures and the formation of the fabric cover, [which is] flexible to allow the visitors to create a physical dialogue with the chair, to provide a unique experience that [is] sculpted on one’s own and to simulate a sensory experience through tactility. [We were] using flexibility as a metaphor to reveal the 2020 journey [where] everyone has [had] to adopt all kinds of changes… the shape of the chair attempts to bring forth our own emotions that lead to achieving the collective memories.”

Jac Design Competition

Singapore – AFSMOT by DB&B

“What may seem like a negative situation could turn out to be one of the biggest positive lessons in our life. The ground plane measured at a metre in diameter represents the social distancing gap. It is shaped in a circle to symbolise movement and cycle of time. The picture plane [is] shaped in a time capsule outline to represent the unforgettable Year 2020. Coming together with the ground plane, it forms the perspective of the chair, which could be viewed at all angles or moving round in a clockwise/anticlockwise direction.”

Jac Design Competition

Shanghai – Moving On by Architecture Farm

“In [the] Chinese sexagenary cycle, the year 2020 ‘Gengzi’ has brought us extreme events: unexpected disasters have taken away numerous lives, [the] ongoing pandemic continues to devastate our way of life, emotions are filled with anxiety, sadness and fear… Nevertheless, the power of faith empowers us with courage. When wounds are healed and pains are relieved , we’ll discover a brilliant new meaning in life. Moving on!”

Jac Design Competition

Shenzhen – Rocking chair by James Liang and Associates

“Inspired by the seesaw as a child, we hope that when people sit on the stool, they will forget fatigue and find the joy and beauty of life. In 2020, the ups and downs will be back to normal. The flexibility of the chair provides different sitting positions. The pedals can be turned into hand pads or pillows to protect the spine and make it comfortable and secure.”

To view all of the entries in the competition, click here.

For more information, visit Zenith Interiors.


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