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‘Minimise me’: small space living in the US

‘Minimise me’: small space living in the US


Why is smaller scale living the new black? Perhaps one way to find out is to watch Small is Beautiful, a freshly released documentary providing insight into the tiny house movement currently taking the US by storm.

Inspired by the movement in the US, director Jeremy Beasley created a feature length documentary so that audiences could be inspired to build a tiny house of their own.

Keen to kick-start a small revolution of sorts, Beasley states, “More and more people are looking to downsize their lives and their possessions, in order to live a more affordable and fulfilling life… The tiny house concept not only makes this a reality, but also advocates for sustainability, which is ideal for people who want to minimise their impact on the environment.”

Measuring up at around 17 square metres, tiny houses are designed and built entirely by the individual and cost around US$23,000 (around $30,000).

With an increasing interest in the simple, thrifty and DIY design, the film is a topical one in our urban climate of rising housing costs where a solution to high density living is constantly being debated.

The film will aptly be shown at sundown via a bike projector tonight (15 April) at 166 Gertrude Street as part of Green Talk Series in collaboration with Urban Commons Pocket Park.

Small Is Beautiful is also available to purchase from smallbeautifulmovie.com


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